About This Station

The station is powered by Davis Vantage PRO2+ wireless weather and Boltek and Microsferics lightning detection equipment. Data is collected every 5 seconds and the site is updated as data changes. This site and its data are collected using Weather Display Software, in addition to other data from NWS and NOAA. The station is comprised of an anemometer, wind direction vane, rain gauge, humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, solar and UV sensors, and a Boltek lightning sensor antenna (also shared by the Microsferics unit) situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible. After collection and compilation the new data is sent out to this site, in addition to NWS, NOAA, and other private sites.

The station is located in NE Phoenix, ~1/4 mile NW of the A51 and E Bell Road intersection. This is a residential area so we are not affected by the heat retention problems caused by large city buildings.

About This Website

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